DIY Anodizing

Hi there!

To finally round off a good solid month or two of building audio electronics studio stuff for the album ( in this case some gorgeous pre-amplifiers for recording vocals ), I decided, just before handing over the final product to Lee Safar, to try my hand at DIY Anodizing….

So it was off to the wonderful Sydney Hackerspace ( Robots and Dinosaurs ), to get some help.  Macca, an already competent Anodizer ( ;-) ) gave me a hand understanding the process.

First we mixed the active ingredient ( an acid ) with demineralized water, sitting inside of a PVC tube that contained a cathode ( a piece of aluminium ), and then the anode ( the front panel of the pre-amplifiers itself ) was connected to complete the circuit through a constant-current 2.5Amp power supply.

We let this do it’s anodize thing for an hour, then immersed it in a very string mix of red clothes die and more water ( this time regular, but warm, tap water ).

From there, around another hour later, it was straight into a boiling water bath for around 10minutes, to fix the die within the molecular structure of the metal, and then BOOM, you go a red piece of aluminium….!

So enough nerd speak, here are some crazy-cool images of the final result – a DIY “red”(ish) coloured set of pre-amplifiers:

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evolutionary theory aka Luke Emrose is an electronic music artist living in Sydney, Australia, who composes a diverse range of genres from Electronica, Trance, Drum and Bass, Trance, Progressive House and Classical. His influences are many and varied, from Deadmau5 to Noisia, Beethoven, Erik Satie, Armin Van Buuren, Dom and Roland, Calyx, Teebee, Above and Beyond, Concord Dawn, Gabriel & Dresden, Jay Z, The Temper Trap and The Beatles, to name but a few.... Luke is currently producing an Album for Lee Safar due for release later this year. Stay tuned!