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DIY Audio Projects – Designing….

I’ve been working on some DIY audio projects for some time now that are finally far enough down the line, that I wanted to share them.

One of the more interesting projects ( and difficult…. ) is restoring some old designs, like the Moog Minimoog Model D circuits, from scratch, using new and readily available parts, yet still keeping as close as possible to all of the aspects of the original designs that made it sound “good”.

Luckily I have a very clever and resourceful friend ( whom also happens to be a brilliant photographer: talsit ) who is currently doing a lot of this DIY type stuff, and hence, I have a lot of very good help.

The first piece of work I had to do was source the original circuit diagrams, which I found here: fantasyjackpalance

Next, I had to source the parts, or, at least, extremely appropriate equivalents, which I’ve managed to do with the following supplier ( whom are also incidentally Australian, which is quite useful since I live in Sydney 😉 ): element14

Then I used LTSpice to simulate these circuits, and make any necessary improvements to them including accounting for changing the component types, or fixing poor performance based on circuit measurements.  Here is a screenshot of the VCF ( voltage controlled filter ) design I’ve been recently adapting to build ( quite a few of you will notice the unmistakable topology of this circuit, and notice it’s a Low Pass 24dB transistor ladder filter from the Minimoog Model D ) along with a simulation that exercises a bunch of different resonance values:

From there a transpose this schematic into Eagle:

Then from there I piece together a board layout for the parts:

And the next step is to actually build these projects.

Stay tuned, more to come soon….

Monster Mashup DJ night a great success

I DJ’ed on Friday night along with 3 other DJ’s at what turned out to be a very successful party.

I played a 2hr Drum and Bass set to a packed venue.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came to support us.  For most of us it had either been ages since we’d played out, or, for some, our first time ever.  I’m so proud of how well everyone performed.  Big shout outs to Carine, Alex and Jordi for amazing sets.  The crowd had a ball!

Here are a few pics of the mayhem taken by an amazing photographer and colleague of mine, Talsit…. enjoy!