SB4000 Bus Compressor – Build – Day 3

Well, after an intermission of me being rather sick with an irritating cold/flu hybrid, talsit and I are BACK for some more SB4000 compressor building shenanigans….

This time we were went to a Sydney Hackerspace: for some drilling, dremeling, and general SB4000 case destruction….

Firstly we drilled out all of the mounting holes for the transformer, the power supply board and the main audio board.  These were carefully marked out using old fashioned centre-punch and pencil action, then, channeling the metal work skills of our high-school days, drilled out with a very nice drill press:

Despite a minor injury due to an exploding spring clamp ( note the band-aid ), talsit valiantly soldiered on to do some mighty-fine chisel shizzle:

From there we dremeled all of the drill holes for the separate parts of the rack case to remove the paint. This ensures that once screwed together, the case has a full electrical connection throughout, both for safety and for electrical isolation. The Faraday’s cage effect of enclosing all the sensitive audio electronics inside of a shielded and earthed case will help to keep the noise levels of the final product extremely low:

Join us next time for the final phase where we will solder all the case components to the power supply and main audio boards, and mount all the switches, connectors and potentiometers to the case….

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