Music should still be worth something

So far, I have used this blog to focus on my own electronics projects.

Admittedly, this is somewhat selfish, and self-serving, but, after all, it IS my website šŸ˜‰

I feel that it’s time I started also posting more about relevant topics that still relate to the original content, but expand upon it more, and let you all know more about me, and, more about the world that I see, that you may, or may not, also see.

Firstly, as you might know, I compose music. I’m currently working on an album for artist Lee Safar, due for release before the end of the year.

If you were not aware of any of this, then I would love if you had time to visit my soundcloud page and hear the material that my DIY gear gets used on: evolutionary theory soundcloud.

Those who follow me on twitter: etheory_musicĀ or facebook: etheory_facebook, will know that I am very passionate about the very relevant topics of music and film piracy. I’ve discussed with various people either in short, or at-length, about why I feel so strongly. As someone who one day wishes to be regarded as a music artist by the general public, that the work that I do, and the hours I slave away in my pursuit of musical perfection, I want to be worth something, financially. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and I don’t do it FOR the money, but I’m saying that as a skill, it should not slowly stop being WORTH something.

Since I’ve already written about this ad nauseum, I felt it better to defer to someone with a far clearer, and well-thought out discussion on this topic, and I suggest you do so also, here:

Letter to Emily White at NPR All SongsĀ Considered.

I feel that the material, and the way in which it’s presented, excellently discusses the issues there are with the “popular” perception of the worth of music, and offers some social insight into ways we can all change this perception.

Thanks! and I hope you all stay posted for my next discussion when I return to what’s been happening in DIY land recently – there’s quite a lot to update you all on!






One thought on “Music should still be worth something”

  1. Priceless i find,

    Thanks again Luke for linking me to your work & allowing me to use them, it has been a moreā€“thanā€“appreciated journey


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